Greaseless Fried Chicken

Chicken breast- boneless, skinless

**May use chicken thighs- boneless, skinless

  1. Preheat your skillet over medium heat with the lid off. (You can turn the burner to medium-high if you prefer the chicken more crisp)
  2. Place the raw chicken into the preheated pan meat side down in a single layer, being sure not to overfill the skillet. Do not try to move or turn the chicken at this point. Allow to cook with the lid off for a few minutes until you see the juices, usually pink and white in color escaping the chicken.
  3. At this point if you wish turn the chicken over. You should be able to loosen it gently from the pan with a pair of tongs and allow the other side to cook for a few minutes until you see juices escaping again.
  4. Put the lid on and turn the burner down to low for the remainder of cooking time between 12 to 15 minutes.


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    My husband bought a set of pots n pans. Love them

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      Jeff Steuer

      Smart guy. A happy wife makes a happy life. I told a man at the home show in Grand Rapids, Mi. that.

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    Wanda Madrid

    Just received my set of Cookware!!!
    I am so excited. I need more recipes!!

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    S. Franks

    Wish your recipes were printed a bit smaller so I could print them easier. Thanks

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      Printing most likely depends on your printer settings. Could you select to reduce the size down perhaps 90% to reduce size a bit?

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    We tried cooking this friend chicken and it was delicious!

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    Karin Conway

    I put a diced potato and a beautifully ripe peach in the pan with my chicken after it was seared. It was really delicious, sweet and juicy. Also tried a pear one day and it was equally good. I slice the fruit up into about 8 pieces. Potatoes are usually in 8-12 pieces depending on size. Enjoy!

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    Please add electric skillet recipes. Thank you

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